Get a preview of our programme through a 45 minute group session led by our Menopause Health Coaches.

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Kickstart your menopause journey through our 12-week programme, made by experts and NHS specialists. You'll build a foundation for managing this life stage with a small group of women led by our dedicated Care Team.

Next group starts Monday, June 28th, 7pm.

*Requires 12 week commitment

What's included?

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“A lovely way to learn about menopause and receive medical advice. The camaraderie was wonderful too!”

Bia Care's approach

We go over all the aspects of menopause with empathy and precision.

You'll be equipped with the knowledge needed to control your symptoms, with access to clinically-validated treatment options.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering hormone replacement therapy.
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—tablets, gels, and patches. We cover it all. Debunking HRT myths, discussing benefits, and offering prescriptions.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering nutrition advice.

Taking a food first approach, understand the massive impact of diet on menopause symptoms. Get to know phytoestrogens, supplements, and low GI habits.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering physiotherapy and pelvic floor advice.

Discover what's up with pelvic floor health and your libido - and why you should be doing pelvic floor exercises.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering emotional fitness and mental health support
Emotional Fitness

Developed on the principle that everyone's thoughts impact their actions. Learn the skills to manage troublesome thoughts and improve your well-being.