We work with our partner pharmacy to help you get the right prescription delivered to you seamlessly.

Our partner pharmacy is The Independent Pharmacy

The GPHC regulates pharmacies in the UK, and The Independent Pharmacy's registration number is: 9011543. You can check Truepill's registration details here.

The Superintendent pharmacist is: Andy Boysan, BPharm. GPhC Registration Number: 2047716

You can contact The Independent Pharmacy for questions about medications purchased through Bia Care:
0333 2200 519

A list of The Independent Pharmacy's prescribers can be found at https://www.theindependentpharmacy.co.uk/about/meet-the-team

If you choose to purchase medication through Bia Care, we will be sharing information with The Independent Pharmacy so they can prescribe, dispense and fulfil your medications. Read more about this in our Terms and Conditions.