Specialist menopause care


We have helped thousands of people, simply by giving them convenient and easy access to a network of menopause specialists.
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How does it work?

You can self-refer to the Bia Care programme, to get support from a range of menopause-specialist healthcare professionals. You will receive personalised expert care from the comfort of your own home.
To find out if the service is available in your area, contact us at:
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How are we different?

Highly recommended by patients
98% people recommend our clinic to their friends
Time with your doctor
We never rush you, you will have an hour with a menopause specialist doctor, to give you time to think about your treatment options
Treatment options
We provide you with a full range of menopause treatments, from prescriptions to dietary plans
UK's leading healthcare professionals
The programme is designed and delivered by the UK’s leading healthcare professionals

Get in touch

Bia Care was created by a group of NHS Healthcare Professionals, our goal is to make great menopause care available to everyone.

To speak with one of us about the service we provide, please get in contact with Hannah, our Head of Partnerships, who can discuss the service with you further.


Head of Partnerships