Utrogestan - Body Identical Progesterone

Utrogestan, a form of progesterone HRT is commonly recommended. If you have a womb, progesterone is necessary to protect the lining.

Utrogestan is also known as "micronized progesterone" and is a form HRT that contains the hormone progesterone. It is made from plants, yams, and root vegetables. Utrogestan is "body identical" to progesterone, which means that it is physically identical to the hormone our bodies produce. This similarity makes it the most risk-free form of progesterone.

Utrogestan - Why take it?

Utrogestan is a progesterone only HRT. It can be used in conjunction with estrogen-only HRT forms (HRT spray, estrogen gel, etc.) for women who still have a womb. If you still have a womb the lining may begin to accumulate if estrogen-only HRT is taken. Utrogestan can help prevent this from happening. This combination of HRT will reduce the symptoms of menopause in a safer manner.

How to do it:

Utrogestan capsules can be taken orally. Depending on your stage of menopause, the dosage and method you use will vary. Before you begin, make sure to read your prescription label and all instructions.

Utrogestan can sometimes make you feel dizzy or sleepy. To reduce side effects, it is best to take Utrogestan at night.

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