NHS Case Study

Who are Bia Care

Bia Care was created by NHS clinicians, with the goal of making gold standard menopause care available to everyone. We use technology to give women access to the UK’s leading menopause specialists.

Bia Care is part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, a scheme designed to support NHS staff in designing solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the NHS.

How we work with the NHS

We work with NHS sites to map out where they need support with menopause services, and then build a digital service around local pathways. As we deliver support in group settings, and 100% remotely, we can reach lots of people whilst ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Case study

In 2021, Bia Care partnered with a Primary Care site in Greater Manchester to give the local population access to a multidisciplinary menopause team. The outcomes show the impact of digital services on accessibility, clinical outcomes, and scalability of menopause care.

Improved access: 1,000 women given access to digital menopause clinic, with no waiting list or travel requirements

Addressing unmet clinical need: Before the intervention, 86% of women reported psychological symptoms associated with menopause that were not currently being treated

Clinical outcomes: >50% average symptom improvement through Bia Care, with or without Hormone Replacement Therapy prescription

Patient satisfaction: 98% of NHS patients would recommend us to friends and family

One NHS patient gave feedback after the service, sharing:

“I didn’t have a clue what options I had, now I am using HRT and have a plan with the Women’s Health Physio for my other symptoms... thank you Bia”

To speak with Bia Care about NHS Partnerships, please contact Hannah Gibson (hannah@bia.care)

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