HRT Spray

A new type of transdermal HRT is available - estrogen spray (Lenzetto). This article explains what it is and how it can be used.

HRT (hormone-replacement therapy) spray is a transdermal form of estrogen HRT, meaning it can be applied to the skin. This spray is designed to deliver estrogen into the body to replace what has been lost during menopause. The spray can be applied directly to the skin and is slowly absorbed into the body throughout the day, much like estrogen HRT tablets and gels.

HRT spray delivers estrogen only. You will need to use the HRT spray with a progesterone if you have a womb. Progesterone protects your uterine line and lowers the chance of developing womb cancer.

How Does HRT Spray work?

Spraying HRT directly on your forearm is how it is typically applied. The spray contains 90 micro-liters of solution, which has a fixed amount estradiol. It is generally used once daily, either as a monotherapy (the spray alone) and combined with a separate dose of progesterone according to your prescription.

You may need to increase the dosage if you are experiencing severe symptoms. This adjustment usually takes place after three months. It can take 3 months to fully experience its benefits and any side effects to subdue. Many women however find that it works sooner than this.

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