Estrogen Gel

HRT is commonly done with estrogen gel. It is applied directly to the skin daily and in this article we will explain the many benefits of estrogen gel.

When considering HRT, estrogen gel can be a low-risk option. Gel is a transdermal form of Hormone Replacement Therapy just like HRT Patches, and it has a lower side effect risk than tablets. You will need to take estrogen gel together with progesterone if you have a functioning womb, as progesterone protects the lining of your womb.

The HRT gel is applied to your skin and absorbed into your bloodstream. You can choose from different dosages depending on your prescription and symptoms.

Why use estrogen gel?

If you are concerned about side effects of HRT tablets or irritating your skin from patches, estrogen gels can be a good alternative. If you have any medical conditions that make tablets not possible, gels may be a safe option. Before deciding which form of HRT you want, it is important to get a complete medical evaluation.

Gels should be applied once per day to your skin. This will allow the hormone to slowly absorb into your body throughout the day. Follow the directions on your package and only apply as much gel as you have been prescribed.

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