One hour a week, three big benefits

Bia's group-based programmes offer you:

  • Tailored clinical advice from a range of experts, covering everything from supplements to sex
  • Personalised treatment plan for symptom relief
  • HRT delivered to your door*
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*Private prescriptions are available if clinically appropriate and at the sole discretion of the prescribing clinician.

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Am I eligible to participate?

Whether you are in peri-menopause or post- if you are a woman between 45 and 60 years old, then yes! We'll match you to a group of 5 other women of similar ages, menopause experiences, and backgrounds.

How many weeks do I have to commit to?

It depends on what programme you choose. Our two options include the 2-week Express or 6-week Bootcamp.

What happens during a weekly session?

You will meet on Zoom with your small group of 6 and a different healthcare professional according to the weekly theme. These are 60 minute consultations with a healthcare professional and you will be able to receive personal medical advice.

Do I receive support outside of weekly sessions?

Plenty! You'll have access to your personal health coach and other members of your group through the secure chat on our mobile app. There will also be video resources available according to the week's theme.

How is HRT prescribed and dispensed?

Following your consultation with our menopause doctor, you'll receive a notification that a prescription is ready. After reviewing your details, your HRT will arrive at your door in 48-72 hours.

What if I'm not interested in HRT?

You'll still benefit from the programme- our holistic approach means you'll get advice from a menopause GP, dietitian, and physiotherapist. The advice you get is tailored to your interests and questions, so if you're more interested in lifestyle changes than HRT, just let us know!

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the Express
2 weeks
Best if you'd like to see a menopause doctor right away for medical advice
  • Get personal advice from a menopause doctor and health coach, and an HRT prescription, if appropriate
  • Suitable if you want to start HRT, change dosage, or get lifestyle advice
What's included?
offer: £49
(normally £85)
The Meno-bootcamp*
6 weeks
Best if you're in mid or late perimenopause, or postmenopausal
  • Get personal advice from 4 menopause specialists in a small group of 6
  • Receive a personalised treatment plan and HRT prescription, if appropriate
What's included?
The INTRO-Bootcamp*
6 weeks
Best if you're in early perimenopause or unsure about your stage
  • Get personal advice from 4 menopause specialists in a small group of 6
  • Receive a personalised treatment plan and HRT prescription, if appropriate
What's included?

Get a preview of our programme through a 45 minute group session led by our Menopause Health Coaches.

What's included?

Group Consultation
with menopause GP
£45 for 90 mins

Many women share similar questions about managing their health during this life stage.

One group consultation with a GP is a great way ask some initial menopause queries in a supportive setting and receive an HRT prescription if that’s the path for you.

What's included?

12 week Membership

Kickstart your menopause journey through our 12-week programme, made by experts and NHS specialists. You'll build a foundation for managing this life stage with a small group of women led by our dedicated Care Team.

What's included?

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£25/week for 12 weeks*

"When I came across Bia Care it was a welcome relief - finally I can get some answers!"

- Ellayne, Personal Trainer