Bia Care Menopause Course

The videos and resources below were made for you to get the most out of our menopause course. We recommend returning each week and watching each the video ahead of each session to get the most out of it.

Week 1

Week one is all about understanding the basics of menopause: what it means, what happens to your body and what are your options when it comes to treatment. In preparation for your first session, watch the video below and take note of any additional questions you have.

Please bring a pen and paper and review the session guidelines.

Questions covered in video:

What is menopause?

When does menopause happen?

What causes menopause?

What are common symptoms of the menopause? Are there less common symptoms?

What are the treatment options for menopause symptoms?

What are the side effects of HRT? What are the risks?

Resource links:

Bia Care Group session guidelines

Women's Health Concern Menopause Page

Greene Climacteric Scale - for taking note of your menopause symptoms for your GP