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We believe the right advice, at the right time, can make a big difference to your experience of menopause.

Inspired by conversations at the Lewisham menopause cafe, our clinician-led team set out to build the most human centred support for menopause.

Bia Care is an online clinic that gives you the fuel 
and energy to take on menopause.

We work with specialists from the NHS to deliver personalised treatments, and combine this with technology to give you confidence throughout menopause.

Meet the team

Image of Fernanda Dobal who is CEO and co-founder of Bia Care.
Fernanda Dobal, MSc MA
Image of Daiana Bassi who is tech lead at Bia Care.
Daiana Bassi, MSc
Tech Lead
Image of Dr. Charlotte Kenny who is Clinical Partnerships lead at Bia Care.
Dr. Charlotte Kenny
Clinical Partnerships Lead
Image of Dr. David Huang who is COO and co-founder of Bia Care.
Dr. David Huang
Image of Susanna Lustbadder who is Research and Strategy lead at Bia Care.
Susanna Lustbader
Research & Strategy Lead
Image of Deepali Nangia who is a Non-Executive Director at Bia Care.
Deepali Nangia
Non-Executive Director
Image of Deepali Nangia who is a Non-Executive Director at Bia Care.
Ms. Sucheta Iyengar,
Gynaecologist & Advisor


Science is at the centre of everything we do. Together with Imperial College London, we are working to improve menopause services in the UK.

Over 1500 women have participated in our 'Experience of menopause' (ESME) study and the results will be published soon. If you would like to participate, it's not too late. You can find the survey here.

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Bia is named after the Greek goddess of force, power and energy.

Coincidence? Hardly.

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