A modern menopause clinic.

A wholistic, lifestyle medicine approach delivered by menopause specialist clinicians.

Start a video consultation programme backed by NHS doctors, and research from Imperial College London.

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With Bia Care, take the time to put yourself first, learn from experts to discover what works best for you, and share your experiences in a confidential setting.

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Join our 6 week menopause programme:

Programme schedule:
  • Week 1: Meet with your health coach & group
  • Week 2: Group consultation with GP*
  • Week 3: Emotional fitness with Health Coach
  • Week 4: Menopause nutrition with Dietitian
  • Week 5: Sex & pelvic floor with Physio
  • Week 6: Evaluate health plan with Health Coach
*You'll be able to receive HRT, if appropriate

Understand the massive impact of lifestyle on your menopause health.

  • Meet with 3 clinicians in a small group of 6 and get personal medical advice
  • Receive a menopause treatment plan and, if appropriate, a prescription for HRT.
  • Share your experiences - you are not alone!
6 Week Programme
(normally £285)
  • Meet with 3 clinicians in a small group of 6 and get personal medical advice.
  • Receive a menopause treatment plan and, if clinically appropriate, a prescription for HRT.
  • Share your experiences - you are not alone!

What's included?

Next programme starts Tuesday, July 20th, 7pm.

meet our team

Introducing our team of highly qualified menopause clinicians and coaches.

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"When I came across Bia Care it was a welcome relief - finally I can get some answers!"

- Ellayne, Personal Trainer
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Bia Care's approach

We go over all the aspects of menopause with empathy and precision.

You'll be equipped with the knowledge needed to control your symptoms, with access to clinically-validated treatment options.

Views of the chat app and menopause content delivered as part of Bia Care's programme.
Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering hormone replacement therapy.
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—tablets, gels, and patches. We cover it all. Debunking HRT myths, discussing benefits, and offering prescriptions.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering nutrition advice.

Taking a food first approach, understand the massive impact of diet on menopause symptoms. Get to know phytoestrogens, supplements, and low GI habits.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering physiotherapy and pelvic floor advice.

Discover what's up with pelvic floor health and your libido—and why you should be doing pelvic floor exercises.

Icon symbolising Bia's approach offering emotional fitness and mental health support
Emotional Fitness

Developed on the principle that everyone's thoughts impact their actions. Learn the skills to manage troublesome thoughts and improve your well-being.

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Confidently consult experts to discover what’s best for you. Listen and share in a safe group setting.

Dedicated to

Together with Imperial College London, we're working to improve menopause services in the UK.

Over 1,550 women participated in our 'Experience of menopause' (ESME) study. The results will be presented at the Royal College of General Practitioners Conference in October 2021.

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Our commitment to you:

Icon symbolising Bia's commitment to science and research

Directed by experts—including NHS specialists—our content and treatment methods are evidence-based.

We provide you with the most relevant, up-to-date menopause information.

Icon symbolising Bia's commitment to affordable menopause care.

We believe menopause care should be accessible.

Receive gold standard guidance for the price of a haircut, not a holiday.

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shared connection

Join other women going through these changes.

Gain mutual support through open conversations and laughs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in my group?

You'll meet 5 other women who are also experiencing menopause symptoms and are looking for advice from healthcare professionals and meaningful community.

Do I really get medical advice?

Yes. You will receive personal medical advice from registered healthcare professionals specialising in menopause, and prescriptions if applicable.

Are menopause group consultations right for me?

Group consultations are suitable for anyone looking for menopause advice and curious to learn from both clinicians and other's experiences. Longer sessions means more in-depth conversation and a diversity of questions.

What does the science say about group consultations?

Research has shown that receiving medical advice in a group setting increases participant's satisfaction, while sharing experiences reduces feelings of isolation allowing for a breadth of understanding.

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